Thursday, January 12, 2012

Alabama Arts Radio Podcast, Jessica Lacher-Feldman

The importance of community cookbooks as cultural documents is the subject of this week’s program on Alabama Arts Radio.  Anne Kimzey, folklorist with the Alabama State Council on the Arts, interviews Jessica Lacher-Feldman, curator of rare books and special collections at the University of Alabama’s Hoole Library.  Lacher-Feldman discusses a number of cookbooks, recipes, and illustrations included in their Alabama Collection and the Lupton African American Cookbook Collection. (more)

Alabama Arts Radio Podcast, Augusto Soledade

Augusto Soledade, artistic director of Brazz Dance Theatre talks about his life, philosophy and choreographic process with arts in education program manager, Diana Green. Brazz Dance Theatre kicks off the second weekend of events as part of the Alabama Dance Festival 2012, with a brand new work, Cordel.  This new work blends the styles and social implications of the Argentine Tango with American Hip-hop culture. Mr. Soledade's intent is to bring a discussion on marginalization and social tensions around the globe, using the literary tradition of Cordel (popular Brazilian folk poetry) as inspirations for the creation of this abstract contemporary dance, to be presented on Friday, January 27, at Samford University's Wright Fine Arts Center. (more)

Alabama Arts Radio Podcast, Folkstreams Tom Davenport

This program is a rebroadcast of Anne Kimzey, folklorist with the Alabama State Council on the Arts, interviewing Tom Davenport an independent filmmaker and founding director of  During the program Davenport discusses how Folkstreams preserves and gives new life to documentary films about American folklore and roots cultures by streaming them on the internet.  He talks about several important Alabama films featured on the website, as well as his own work making folklore documentaries and dramatic adaptations of Grimm’s fairy tales. (more)