Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Alabama Arts Radio Podcast, Singer-songwriter, Maxwell Russell

Singer-songwriter Maxwell Russell talks with Deborah Boykin about his career, his writing, and his efforts to promote other songwriters. A well-known North Alabama performer, Russell sponsors a songwriters’ showcase each week  at a Sheffield restaurant.  His son Kirk, also a musician, writer and vocalist, also appears to talk about his band, Abstract Theory.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Alabama Arts Radio Podcast, The Thomas Sister Singers from Alexander City

This program is a rebroadcast of a 2006 show of Steve Grauberger interviewing the Thomas Sister Singers from Alexander City, Phyllis, Margie and Bernice. Both Margie and Bernice have since passed but at the time Margie and Bernice Thomas had been singing gospel music for over 60 years in and around Alexander City, performing on radio and TV as early as the 1950s with three other of their sisters all known collectively as the Thomas Sister Singers.   Included in the program are songs sung by Margie and Bernice Thomas, and Margie's daughter Phyllis, recorded at their home in 2005. Watch a video clip of the Thomas Sisters singing "Not Made With Hands", click here.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Alabama Arts Podcast, Alabama Folk Pottery author Joey Brackner

This program is a rebroadcast of Anne Kimzey interviewing Joey Brackner Director of the Alabama Center for Traditional Culture about his book, Alabama Folk Pottery, released in 2006 by the University of Alabama Press. Brackner discusses various aspects detailed in the publication.   You can hear a podcast of the 2006 symposium on southern pottery held at the Birmingham Museum of Art.

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Alabama Arts Podcast, David Norwood, general manager of WAWL radio in Moulton

This week, David Norwood, general manager of WAWL radio in Moulton, discusses Downtown Live!  This four-week series brought performers from the surrounding area to Moulton’s courthouse square for Friday evening concerts.  Community Arts program manager Deborah Boykin talks with Norwood and the Thompsons, a Lawrence County duo who also perform one of their original songs. (more)
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