Friday, March 08, 2013

Adam Vines, 2013 ASCA Literature Fellowship recipient.

Jeanie Thompson, executive director of the Alabama Writers’ Forum,interviews poet Adam Vines, 2013 ASCA Literature Fellowship recipient. Thompson talks with Vines about his latest collection of poems,The Coal Life, which was a 2012 finalist for the Miller William, Arkansas Poetry Prize. Exploring the rich metaphors of several generations of his coal-mining family, Vines uncovers his personal connection to Alabama’s landscape. Vines also talks with Thompson about his recent trip to New York City to visit museums and pursue his interest in ekphrastic poems (poems about works of art). He and Thompson also discuss how poems are made, what makes poetry “poetry,” and how poets contribute to the community of writers. Originally from Birmingham, Vines is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Alabama Birmingham, where he co-edits The Birmingham Poetry Review(more)

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