Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2013 Southern Makers Event Montgomery Alabama

This week, Visual Arts Program Manager Elliot Knight discusses the Southern Makers event, which will be held Saturday, May 4 from 2-7pm in the Union Station Train shed in downtown Montgomery. Southern Makers is a one day event celebrating Alabama creativity and innovation by bringing together highly curated, handpicked top talent - artists, chefs, breweries, craftsmen, designers - for one fantastic gathering to explore the contemporary side of Alabama's heritage of textiles, music, craftsmanship, and food.  Elliot talks with event organizers Andrea Jean (Goodwyn Mills and Cawood) and Edwin Marty (E.A.T. South) about the event and what will be offered on May 4.  Elliot also talks with fashion designer Natalie Chaninand woodworker Ethan Sawyer, who will both be at the event. 

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